Finance Essentials

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Three in a Bed

A revealing look at how having your child sleeping in your bed is beneficial to all your family

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Khaled Hosseini Collection 3 Books Set

Khaled Hosseini Collection 3 Books Set: And the Mountains Echoed A Thousand Splendid Suns The Kite Runner.

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Bloomsbury Dictionary of Idioms

From credit crunch to golden parachute barking up the wrong tree to storm in a tea cup in this book Gordon Jarvie explains all you need to know about these and 3 000 other common English idioms. Packed with nuggets of fascinating information the Bloomsbury Dictionary of Idioms traces the origins ...

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The Guardian Dictionary of Publishing and Printing

This fully revised edition includes over 8 000 words expressions and terminology relating to the publishing and printing industries and allied trades. Topics covered are papermaking ink printing and binding machinery bookselling typesetting desktop publishing and design copyright editing commissi...

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English Thesaurus for Students

A basic thesaurus written for students learning English. Over 4000 entries are included together with definitions and example sentences to help students understand synonums and related words. This is a companion to English Dictionary for Students by the same publisher.

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